Cold Sores

I bought a Blistex relief cream for my cold sores. The cold sore happens under my nose, my daughter thought it was nose bleeding. The reason of cold sore might be extreme weather conditions, but 'you are more vulnerable to developing a cold sore if you are feeling stressed and rundown.' So it is written on the cream package, sure it is for my case.

I also got persistent shoulder pain recently, there are three possible causes: spending two much time in front of the computer, or my daughter 's getting heavier,  or my pillow is too high.

Blistex Realief Cream (formerly Blisteze) is a penetrating and soothing remedy to relieve and treat occasional cold sores and cracked and chapped lips, leaving you lips feeling soft again.
When first symptons arise, gently apply every hour for rapidly relieve any discomfort. It feels good.

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