Lib Dem's Derby North Constituency News

General Election is lust a few months away. Gordon Brown MUST call a General Election by next June. Most political pundits now think it will be May 2010.

Derby North has been dramatically changed in the boundary changes. Lib Dem strongholds of Littleover and Mickleover move into the new Derby North constituency whereas Conservative areas like Allestree and Spondon have moved out.

Political experts say that Boundary changes help Lib Dems, which would have been in a clear second place on the new boundaries in 2005. And local election results also point to the Lib Dems doing well. At the last three local elections in the Derby North constituency, in 2006, 2007 and 2008 Labour's vote plummeted. At the last Election, Labour 40%, Lib Dem 31%, Conservatives 26%. Labour also lost five councillors across the area, with the Lib Dems being the biggest winners. The Lib Dems have 12 councillors in the constituency, Labour seven and the Conservatives just two.

Labour's current MP has announced he is standing down.  His replacement faces a challenge defending Labour's record.  So, the next General Election in Derby North will be a competition between local Lib Dem Lucy Care with a new Labour candidate. The Conservatives' candidate from Northampton, who was called an 'outsider' by Lib Dem, despite his claims to live in Derby, official Council records in Northampton show that he lives in Northampton South constituency.

Liberal Democrat challenger Lucy Care

"I love living in this area - and always have done," said Lucy. Lucy and her husband Ian, have raised their three children: Jennifer, Alec and Henry here.

"My older two are both now at University," she added.

Lucy's family live in Littleover, the area which Lucy has represented on both Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council since 1993.

"I was born in Derby I moved to Warwickshire when I was six when my father got a job with
Warwick University,but I moved back to Derby after school and permanently when I finished University." she said.

"Engineering is in my blood," explained Lucy "My father is an engineer and I followed in his footsteps. I began my working career at Courtaulds in Spondon. I took a break to concentrate on my work as a local councillor but my husband still works in engineering at Rolls Royce."

Lucy is very involved in her local community and has been a local councillor for Littleover for nearly twenty years.

Her role as a councillor has helped Lucy fight for Derby - and she has won many campaigns for the area. Just recently she has been at the forefront of a campaign to get the Government to include the Midland Mainline on the high speed rail upgrade. Derby is a place Lucy is proud of - and she's always tried to play a role in the local community. Before being elected she wrote the newsletter for Derby Cycling Group and for many years served on the Littleover Live at Home Committee.

Lucy added: "I love living here and would be honoured to represent the area in Parliament. If elected, I would work tirelessly to get a better deal for our area."

The Liberal Democrat Parlimentary Campaigner Lucy Care is a keen environmentalist. "The new solar pv panels on Rivermead House are just one of a range of measures that Lib Dems have pushed for." said Lucy, "Tackling climate change remains one of my top priorities."

(Source: Lib Dem's Derby North Constituency News. This newsletter is delivered free to all homes across the Abbey, Chaddesden, Darley, Derwent, Littleover, Mackworth and Mickleover areas of Derby.)

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