Why does City Council keeps sending out Electoral Register form to me?

Ironically, this may be a paradox for an immigrant: we left our own country, live as a foreigner. What's that for? Freedom of speech? But English is not our mother language, we only rely on the internet and international telephone call to keep in touch with our mother tongue; Democracy? But we have not right to vote;  Money? Many asylum seekers pay hundreds of  thousand of pound for the human trafficking. They have to work as slaves for years to pay off the debts.

I receive the Electoral Registration form every year, or may be home visiting as well, but we have no right to register. Sometimes I wonder how those pen pushers waste paper by sending out so many forms, notices, and sorts of things, do they never check that I have never 'complete[d] the Electoral Registration form'? Even though I am not eligible to register and vote?  Below is the notice to thank me for what I have never done.
Dear Householder

Thank you for completing the Electoral Registration form with our Canvasser. It is important that we keep our records up to date and Central Government says we must update the Electoral Register annually.

If you are not on the Electoral Register, sometimes known as the Voters Roll, you will not be able to vote at any local or parliamentary elections.

You might also find it difficult gaining credit or a mortgage as Credit Reference Agencies check the Electoral Register to confirm your address.

As part of Derby City Council's efforts to provide a good and equal service throughout the city, a manager may call on you in the next few weeks to confirm the details you have given, as part of our quality control procedures. This is nothing to worry about and will only take a few moments,

If you have any queries regarding the form or questions about the Electoral Register please call the Electoral Services Department on:

Tel: xxx during office hours
Tel: xxx available until 8.30pm every evening

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