Grass greener on the other side

See how BT undermines the foundation of its competitor Virgin:

Did you think the grass was greener when you left BT for Virgin? Did you think you couldn't find a better deal? Then it's time to take another look.
Our Gas and Electricity supplier is British Gas, but sales representative of EDF persuaded my wife to switch from British Gas to EDF. British Gas called my wife the week after my wife signed the switch application form, and promised £50 credit to switch back, so did my wife.

First Dirct promises £100 for switching current account, and £200 if you are not satisfied its service, and subsequently move away . My wife switched her current account and then closed it after several months. She made many phone calls, and raised several times high blood pressure due to arguing with the bank, First Direct found an excuse and refused to pay that £200.

Are there any moral sense in this kind of competition? As a customer, I always trust my HSBC Bank - the World Local Bank, and MS Windows for my computer, and Google for the internet Search.

Why do you switch? Is grass greener on the other side?

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