Typical 19th Century Terraced House

Typical terraced house has cellar under the front room. To the rear were gardens and out houses. 

Typical dwelling had two downstairs rooms, the front one for 'best' and living room at the rear, off which a steep staircase ascended to three bedrooms. The larger houses had two attic rooms above. 

Heating was by open coal fires and they were gas lit. 

In the kitchen cold water was piped to a hand pump at the side of a stone sink and in one corner stood the wash day copper. 

Built in cupboards and a walk-in pantry with a stone thrall provided storage space. 

Running behind the houses was a lane for the night soil men who came round after dark with horse and cart to empty the cess pits. These were later replaced by an outhouse toilet attached to the coal house. 

There was a yard for hanging out washing and enough space for a vegetable plot.

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