Guess who might be the owner of this Villa Residence

This is an auction advertise on the Derby Mercury, on 1 October,1851: 

A handsome Modern Villa Residence, and finished in the most substantial and complete manner for his own  residence, situate at Little Chester, near Derby, containing spacious entrance hall and staircase with lobby, dining, drawing, and breakfast rooms, large kitchen with excellent fittings, five bedrooms, five dry arched cellars, bath-room, and pantry. Also a coach-house, and stable for two horses, with chambers over, back kitchen, summer house with three sashed windows, pleasure and kitchen gardens and orchard, containing with the site of the buildings, 7,130 square yards.  The premises are walled round, and have a never failing supply of excellent hard and soft water.

This house was  built by the proprietor, and "now in the occupation of Misses Harrison". Mr. Harrison advertised himself as 'Engineer, steam and kitchen apparatus, all kinds of buildings warmed by hot water, steam, or hot air, and smith's work in general'. and as a manufacturer of steam engine boilers, iron boats, barges and ferries, weighing machines, 'Baths constructed of copper, enamelled, and other materials', gas tanks and gas holders and 'Gas works erected complete'. He also catered for all the latest gardening crazes, 'Vineries, Peach Houses, Pine Pits, Conservatories, and Green Houses, erected of iron and heated on the best known principle'.

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