Politics in Derby City

Although many people says that they have been let down or betrayed by Labour, but Labour still has the majority of 40%,  Lib Dem has 31% in the middle, and Tory just 26%. The majority and the minority made an alliance to block the middle Lib Dem. The alliance between Derby's Labour and Conservative groups began when Labour and Tory councillors announced back in 2006 that they would be working together to run the Council. Two years later voters rejected both parties, forcing them to publicly distance themselves from each other, but it's still live  on the Council says senior Laberal Demorats

Strong Conservative areas lke Allestree, Oakwood and Spondon will move out of Derby North into a new "Mid-Derbyshire" constituency. The Lib Dem strongholds of Littleover and Mickleover and part of abbey Ward move from Derby south into Derby north.

According to Lib Dem's Derby City Reporter, Littleover councillor, Lucy Care will stand at the next election. Lucy was born in Derby and has lived here most of her life. She was elected to the County Council in 1993 and was the first Lib Dem Councillor in Derby. At the last General Election Lucy Care also stood for parliament and came a close second place to Labour.

Congestion charge and parking meters are not welcome by voters. Labour in Derby were forced to abandon plans for a congestion charging scheme after they lost control of the Council following last Mays local elections. It's said that congestion charging , along with crazy plans to introduce parking meters in Littleover, are two of the main reasons that previous Labour/ Tory alliance was rejected by Derby people.  Labour Dem spokesperson Cllr Lucy Care says, "We need national investment in public transport, but we're already charged for driving by taxes on fuel and cars.""With congestion charging off the agenda, alternatives to cut traffic need to be found. The Council is working with schools to encourage cycling and walking and we are very pleased to be continuing as a Cycling Demonstration Town for another three years."

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