Odd and weird place names

In Ashford, there is a picturesque and ancient Sheep Wash Bridge. Sheep were washed there until recent times: the lambs would be penned within the stone-walled pen on one side of the river whilst their mothers were thrown in at the other side. They would naturally swim across to their off spring, thus ensuring a good soaking.

Approaching Bamford on the A57 from Sheffield the name 'Cut-throat Bridge' may strike terror into the heart of the traveller. This name was given by local 16th century inhabitants who found a man lying there with many wounds to his face and neck. He was carried to a house nearby and then on to Bamford hall where he died two days later. 

In Breaston, there was no burial ground and until 1824 coffins were carried on shoulders across the fields to Wilne. The 'Coffin Walk' is still a public footpath over the fields from Breaston to Wilne.

Lover's Leap in Ashwood Dale is a huge natural cleft in the limestone rocks and was so named because two runaway lovers on a horse leapt the chasm to avoid pursuit.

(Derbyshire Villages, by Derbyshire Federation of Women's Institute)

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