Cash for pubs to offer toilet to non-customers

Small government, big society, it seems always a good idea to delegate public obligation to private.

I watched House of Lords debate in BBC Parliament, one of Lords questions is about public lavatory scheme, in this scheme, government urge city council to offer cash to pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants to open their toilet, let non-customers use their facilities.

Some communities already adopted this scheme to resolve public lavatory shortage, well-known chains such as Pizza Express, KFC, MacDonald, local pubs and bars are offered up to £600 in exchange for opening their toilets.

When I just arrived in UK, I found odd phenomenons which include post office selling stationary or toys, while chemist selling nappies and formula milk. To buy a stamp you have to walk through rows of shelves inside to the deep bottom, where one or two cashiers sitting behind the counter, most probably they are Indians or Pakistans.

A good old society should be a mingled and tangled ecosystem to meet everyone's needs conveniently. 

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