Achievements on my WoW 10 day trial account

On Day 10, my main character a night elf warrior reaches level 16.

Herbalism 100
Besides picking flowers, the most useful skill in herbalism is Lifeblood which allows you absorb energy from the earth and healing for 300 health over 5 seconds. I used that quite often when attacked by several enemies and my health running low.

First aid 70

Weapon skills
- Swords 79
- Defense 77

- Darnassus Honored 3240

2 pets
- a Great Horned Owl
- a Hawl Owl

Base stats
- Armor 1084
- Attack speed 2.3
- Damage 31-44
- Boots 104 armor
- Pants 132 armor
- Shield 367 armor
- Sword 14-26 damage
- Chest 151 armor
- Gloves 94 armor

Duels won 4, lost 6
I am never an agressive person, so is my character in WoW. I have never asked for a duel during the 10 days, and I still don't know how to request one. Among the 10 duels I accepted, I won 4 and lost 6. Not a very bad record, isn't it? consider that most person I fought against are on similar or higher levels than mine.

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