My Youtube Channel

I joined Youtube on 24th June, 2006, and two years later, I started upload videos.

We didn't own a TV till last Christmas (2007), because we kept moving around, and I didn't want to pay TV license fees, but my daughter liked to watch, so I turned to Youtube for some cartoons, this opened a world for me and my daughter, and I have been "growing up" (I mean improving my English and accumulating knowledge of the world) with her by watching Disney's and all kinds of stuff.

Now my second daughter is 3 months old, and she can laugh aloud, It's fun to take video and upload to youtube to share with other people around the world.

Unfortunately, my family can't watch youtube in China, because Chinese government blocked it again after Olympic 2008, the websites blocked by Chinese government include BBC and VOA.

I would like to share with you my Youtube Channel, there are only four my own videos, though.

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