I love cheese on toast

I grow up without cheese, even hardly with milk. But I started to love cheese, especially that melted on toast or chips.

I like Cheddar cheese, and think it's ideal and quality enough for making cheese toast. You may use any cheese, but preferably, it should be full fat cheese, as half-fat cheese does not bubble and melt and go deliciously golden brown under the grill as much as the real stuff.

When we make toast, we use the toaster, but a toaster is most definitely not practical for cheese on toast, as the cheese will all drip down to the bottom of the toaster, we use grill instead.

First, get the ingredients ready, sliced bread, Sliced or grated cheddar cheese. You may want to add chopped tomatoes, or chopped onions, sliced ham etc., get ready as well.

Once the grill has heated up sufficiently, place the bread in the middle of the baking tray and place directly under the grill, the closer the better, although obviously not too close. The bread will be brown on one side.

Remove the baking tray from under the grill, flip the half-toast, half-bread (so that the half-bread side is facing vertically upwards) and place the cheese on the bread side, covering all the available surface with the cheese. Then place the cheese covered half-toast, half-bread under the grill.

As the cheese cooks, it starts to bubble and go golden brown.

If you want more flavour, such as pizza, you may put a few small drops of sauce you like it best, add chopped tomatoes, or onion, or add chopped ham, or put a slice of ham underneath the cheese, or put lots of chopped things on there.

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