Christmas Type Goods to Make Up a Luxury Hampers

My daughter's school asks for help by donating no-perishable food items for the Christmas raffle which will be held during a Christmas party.

They are looking for 'Christmas' type good to make up luxury hampers containing items such as:

Boxed mince pies
Xmas pudding
Stollen/small Christmas cake
Cranberry Jelly
Tin of ham
Pickled onions
Chocolates After dinner mints
Wine, Sherry etc
Tin of salmon
Christmas crackers

And other no-perishable item we can think of that we would usually find in a luxury Christmas hamper.

I have never heard of Christmas Hampers!  And I have no idea of some 'Christmas type' goods listed above, such as 'shortbread', 'stollen'. I haven't even eaten a Christmas pudding, and asked my wife if she knew.  She said, 'yes, I have bought one after Christmas one year for a reduced price. But it tastes awful.' I said, 'They seems pour some liquid on it and ignite a big fire on the Christmas dinner table.'  My wife said,'That's whiskey.'

As usual, I resorted on Internet, and have a basic idea of a Christmas Hamper.

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