Tesco Gift Card for Neighbour

We bought a Tesco Gift Card and a thank-you card for our neighbour for looking after our daughter. All midwives and doctors said we had very good neighbour when they learned that our elder daughter was being looked after by our neighbour.

Our neighbour is Indian, strictly speaking, they are Tamil, come from Sri Lanka. But we normally call all those people Indo-pakistanian. I am quite surprised that they are vegetarian, even no fish and egg, strictly speaking, they are vegan. But they face doesn't show any vegetable colour, they looks very healthy and even a little bit overweight. This might be the reason why they couldn't get along with my daughter, because she is a meat-eater, no vegetables.

I couldn't found £50 face value Sainsbury's gift card, choose from 3 denomination £5, £10, and £20. But Tesco gift card is not pre-designed without a fixed value, I can load a specific value onto a Gift Card.

It is reported that Sainsbury's was launching a new Gift Card programme:

Sainsbury’s is launching a new Gift Card programme and Meal Ticket Card for
students, in a bid to boost sales.

The programme aims to become the ‘gift of choice’ amongst its customers for special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas and holidays and joins a host of leading retailers to offer the programme, including Tesco, Debenhams, Topshop and Ticketmaster.

At the end of September, Sainsbury’s will also launch the Meal Ticket Card aimed at
students and their parents to help budget for food shopping whilst away at

The Sainsbury’s Gift Card, developed by PrePay Technologies, is available for consumers to purchase in over 750 stores nationwide as well as in bulk for corporate customers via Sainsbury’s Business Direct.

Customers will have the choice of loading a specific value onto a Gift Card -from £1 to £750 - or selecting a pre-denominated Gift Card, which can then be redeemed in any Sainsbury’s store within the UK and on over 30,000 products in store.

I hope that my neighbour likes the gift card.

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