The Meaning of Derby City Council Logo

Derby City Logo

The logo of Derby City Council looks quite abstract and modern. I wonder what's the meaning of it? The lower-left part of the logo looks like a snail (or the initial letter D in Derby?), the upper-right part seems a river, (Derwent river?) these two parts are connected by a straight line at the bottom.

I did some searches on the web trying to find out the true meaning of Derby City Council logo, but without success. So, I wrote to tourist information, and got the answer from Michael:
The Logo is a representation of two of Derby's oldest emblems, one being a ram the other a buck (deer). Obviously the logo is a modern interpretation of these two figures so it is not obvious unless you know what to look for. Most people do seem to agree with you that it looks like a snail however.

Ram! the curly horn of ram looks like a snail indeed. The ram and the deer are from coat of arms of City of Derby,

In this coats of arms, we can see the deers both in shield (arms) and supporter, but the Arms represents a stag reposing between two oak trees in fruit, while the Supporters which are on either side of the coat of arms, represented by two bucks with a sprig of broom placed on the shoulder of each animal.

We can find the ram in the Crest, which represents a ram walking between two sprigs of broom and there is a golden collar or ring about its neck. This golden collar is to distinguish it from any other used in any other known crest.

It is interesting that the Motto are written in Latin, “Industria, Virtus, et Fortitudo” means “Diligence, Courage, Strength”.

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