GM Free and Synthetic Chemical Pesticides Free

Among all the infant formula milk, HiPP Organic Infant milk is the cheapest one. But my baby seems to cope better with HiPP than SMA, because she has "nice yellow" poo, feeding with HiPP seems less chances of getting green poo than feeding with SMA.

Nowadays, people worry about the genetically modified food and synthetic chemical pesticides, but according to the exclamation, HiPP Organic contains no GM ingredients, it "is made using the finest organic milk which in accordance with strict production standards comes exclusively from GM free feeding." "All the organic ingredients used in HiPP Organic Infant milk have been produced without the use of synthetic chemical pesticides."

Recently, melamine Contaminated Sanlu baby milk formula has made thousands of infants ill in China, and two baby died. Melamine is a toxin found in fertilisers and cleaning products, and is blamed for causing kidney stones in the sick infants.

SMA tastes very fishy, no nice at all. But HiPP has no fishy tastes. HiPP claims that Omega-3 is included, which natually comes from fish.

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