All schools have places for Parent Governors on their Governing Bodies

In United Kingdom, all schools have places for Parent Governors on their Governing Bodies. Parents have an influence over the education the school provides for all its children. Governors make decisions about many aspects of the school including the curriculum, staffing and school's finances.

There is also a vital role for Parent Governors in providing a link between the school and parents. The Parent Governor will be expected to attend at least six full meetings of the School Governing Body each year and also other meetings of Committees of the Governing Body. They will take an active interest in the school and the children and help promote the parental view at meetings of the School Governing Body.
  • All people who have parental responsibility for a child at the school are eligible to stand for election as a Parent Governor.

  • If there are more nominations than vacancies, an election is held. The election will be organised by the Head Teacher of the school and every parent of a pupil in the school will receive a voting paper and will have the opportunity to vote.

  • The detailed arrangements and a list of parents standing for election will be sent to the parents.

  • The term of office is four years.

  • If a parent wish to stand for election, he/she may nominate himself/herself as a candidate.

There are certain restrictions which prevent a person from standing for election as a Parental Governor. For example if you are an elected member of the Local Authority or if you work at the school for more than 500 hours in a school year. People who are bankrupt may not serve as Governors, nor may people who have in the previous five years been sentenced to three months or more in prison without the option of a fine, people who have been sentenced to a period of more than two and a half years of imprisonment may not stand within twenty years of that conviction and anyone who has been sentenced to a period of imprisonment of five years or more is totally disqualified. People who are disqualified from working with children may not hold office as a Parent Governor.

A Parent Governor is a representative not a parent delegate. A parent Governor is to represent parents, not to be mandated by them to act in a particular way or be their delegate. Parent Governors represent and are elected by other parents, A Parent Governor does not have to vote in a particular way because they have been asked to do so by parents.

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