How to get Vodafone PUK code?

We bought our mobile phone 4 years ago in Northern Ireland, never updated. And we threw away all documents when we moved to England.

This is Sendo mobile, and Vodafone network.

Last night, my wife were so bored that she play with the security options, and locked up the mobile phone. She totally forgot what she did to the phone. It seems to unlock by enter a PUK code. So how can I can I get my PUK code?

I looked up in Vodafone website, and found this:

If you are registered for My account, you can get your PUK code online.

If not, then you can get the PUK code from automated services. Call 08700 77 66 55 and enter your mobile number when asked, then follow the prompts for your PUK code.

I tried this service number, and got my PUK code, and then unlocked the phone, I can use this good old mobile again.

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