Great Ormond Street Hospital

I learned about the Great Ormond Street Hospital from the donation of the royalties from J. Barrie's Peter Pan.

When a child's illness is so critical it can't be treated anywhere else, the Great Ormond Street Hospital is often the last hope for thousands of sick children.

The hospital have some of the best paediatric surgeons and doctors in the world. The hospital also developed kinder treatments -- like the pioneering catheter technique which replaces open heart surgery. The incredible heart bypass machine can keep a child alive when he had no heart, the operation often last very long and as many as 5 specialists work on the risky operation on a state of the art cardiac theatre.

If there is no cure, the hospital try to find new ones, like the breakthrough in the early detection and prevention of acquired heart disease.

The NHS covers the basic running costs, but the extra support come from the donation. Those donation also used for extra beds for parents, because research shows that having mum and dad close by helps speed recovery.

To give donations, call 0800 011 4284 or visit

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