Child's ethnic origin

Received a Parent/Guardian Declaration form of Child ethnic origin from Derby City Council. I have to fill this form whenever I applied a job for equal opportunity. But as for this form, it's being noted that I am not obliged to provide this data if I don't wish to.

Totally 18 categories of ethnic origin. It's quite interesting that we can group them further into 5 larger categories:

  • White
  • Mixed
  • Asian
  • Black
  • others

But quite interestingly, traveller of Irish Heritage and Gypsy/Roma are treated as separate group, are there a lot of travellers and Gypsies in this area? It might be just a kind of political correct bureaucracy.

In this world, mixed people might become majority, or become a trend. It seems that more mixed up of human genes, more ethnic characteristic gene information are lost.

Chinese has 56 ethnic groups, but here all Chinese are treated as one. When we stayed in hospital, the hospital authority specially arranged Chinese midwife and nurse for us, hope to better communicate with us, but they don't know those midwives and nurses are from Hong kong, they can't speak Mandarin, and even don't know province name in Mainland China. What can I expect from them except for some strange feeling and embarrassing?

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