Wealth Verification System?

Have you ever heard of "Wealth Verification System"? The spammer posted a message on Yahoo group, claiming he has wealth verification system which can helps you find the right person.

He says: There are many ways to a good life, including hard work and Lady Luck. But for some, the short cut to a fancy lifestyle is through dating a millionaire!

Sure enough, it's a short cut for those who are living on a champagne and caviar diet, but have a beer budget, their ideal is "a high calibre love" and romance and a fancy lifestyle.

But in a TV show, one woman hooked a millionaire, he takes her to a fancy French restaurant where she can't even read the menu. He ordered a shellfish soup for her, she tries to eat the shellfish, but she can't even get them loose from their shells. What fun of that kind of life?

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