Settle Down in Newcastle


i have settled down here. and i'm having a practical course of C++ in
computer lab now. it's impossible to write a huge article currently. i will
send u detail later.

Just let u know everything's ok. pls call my parents about it. since i can't
send email to them and they don't recognize English.


>From: Jim
>Subject: settledown
>Date: 16 Sep 2000 16:21:09 -0000
> Now you have got what you dreamed of: living in a country where all of its
>people are native English speaker, can speak English whenever you want, and
>most of all, you do get rid of me: the trouble maker. Have you settled
>down now? I think that the campus could have provide all you want. Study in
>England, cool!
> You father insisted of staying at the airport till 10:55, till the plane
>took off. I left when I said goodbye to Heping, he said you would not come
>to say goodbye again.
> If you settled down, do drop me a word. I realy miss you very much. I'll
>back home next week, and stay there this term, SHIFT!

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