Poor English, English Gentleman and Handsome Tutor

Dear King,

I bought a mobile this morning. The No. is 0044 7951 311205. But it's
not active now, since I need to charge the battery for overnight and
the socket in my room doesn't fit for the plug of the charger. i
should buy an adapter tomorrow. So it might not be available till
tomorrow evening. You can try to call me from next night. but it's
too expensive to call an international phone.

I have never been aware how poor my English is until I went to U.K.
Now I'm a foreigner here. It's no problem to understand the lecture
and what people speak to me. However, I can't understand when they're
talking to each other, not to me. i.e. when i cook in kitchen or have a
meal in dinning room, the native speakers are talking each other
beside me, but I cannot understand what they say. I feel so lonely and

Anyway, Englishmen are friendly and gentleman. i am impressed by it.
One day, when i lost in the campus and looked for the registration
place, (I might have some confused, stupid expression on my face. : )
A young boy, who must be less than 20 i guess, asked me if i need any
help. Then he told me the direction to registrar and leaded me there
himself. Whenever we pass a door, he walked in front of me, open the
door for me, hold it and wait for me, and passed the door after me. He
has been a little English gentleman in so young age. I'm really

I have met my tutor, Dr. Morgan, an American guy, very

BTW, I list my postal mail address in the following, to
avoid that someday u might look for me on the web, : ) Tell it to my
parents pls.
Rm E17, Embleton House, Leazes Terrace Student House
Newcastle NE1 4LY

Kiss u.

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