I am writing this as a recent convert to the wonderful world of e readers. As an ex staunch supporter of the hardcopy brother. I would make many many arguments why the cold electronic glow of a screen can never replace the warmth of a nice paper book. The smell of the paper and the pleasure of turning the pages would never be recreated using electronics. Besides I hate reading using a computer screen, it irritates my eyes and I can never pay attention for more than a few minutes.

This all changed when I got my first e-reader. I got a NOOK from Blackwells (http://bookshop.blackwell.co.uk/jsp/id/Nook_Simple_Touch/9781400699032) mostly in part because of the price! I was toying with the idea of getting the more expensive and supposedly better kindle. It boasted more features such as a reading light and browsing and so on…

Since getting my NOOK I could not travel anywhere without it! It’s so handy not to have to lug a bag full of books and just pop this small and sleek reader into my bag and sometimes even my pocket. There are readers which are more reliable in terms or remembering your page number which I had some trouble with but it’s well worth the occasional loss of page number for a quarter of the price of a kindle.

If the lack of reading light is bothering you then I would suggest investing in a reading light which is about £3 on Amazon which is just as good. I would highly recommend my NOOK; I am even able to read my course lecture notes since it supports PDF capability. At £29 it’s hard to go wrong!

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