No snow in West Scotland

It's unfair that we don't have snow in West Scotland, though it's windy and cold, everywhere in UK are snowing. It's on the news that 5,000 schools are closed.

People says Christmas passed too early without any snow, and I am almost very worried by the warm weather were there not snows in other places.

I have some strange and funny thoughts that the planet Earth may turn 90 degrees, North and the South pole become the tropical, while the tropical, now Caribbean and Indian will be covered by snow and ice.

Just as we now have four seasons in one year, the Earth might also has a kind of Macro four seasons, every season cover a span of couple of thousands years. Ice age is the 'Macro-Winter', while now is in the spring or autumn, global warming is the way to the Macro-summer.

I don't know if you may follow me?
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