Derbyshire Overview

Derby shire is a county of great contrasts, bordered by seven other counties. The most northerly countryside attracts many visitors with its high moorlands of peat, cotton grass, heather and tumbling streams which feed the reservoirs of the upper Derwent Valley. The long gritstone edges which flank the east and western borders enclose a massive limestone plateau studded with unusual rock formations, cliffs, caves and deep wooded gorges, carved over the centuries by the rivers flowing through the county. Continuing south ward, the countryside changes to a more lowland pastoral scne.

The county is steeped in history, from ancient stone circles, to Roman settlements, to relics of past industry and the historic houses of Chatsworth, Hardwick, Haddon,Kedleston, Sudbury. To this day agriculture and industry play their part in the continual transformation of the country side, but the most attractive feature of Derby shire is its many small villages and their inhabitants.

(Derbyshire Villages, edited by Derbyshire Federation of Women's Institute, published by Countryside books)

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