We got Water Meter Installed

We use Severn Trent Water, It's reported that Severn Trent Water were fined £2 million for lying on water leaks, The water company reported an estimated yearly water loss of 340 million litres per day to meet targets, while the true figure was around 514 million litres (Is that a big number and a serious problem?). The reason they lied on water loss were to stave off having to carry out millions of pounds-worth of repairs until they could be covered by future water bills, and to avoid bad publicity.

All homes in UK built since 1989 are fitted with water meters. But our house is older than that, it's more than fifty year old. It's an ex-council house, all houses in this estate were council house, most of them are still own by city council. they get conservatory fitted for free, or get wall and loft insulation for free, they can buy council house for a fraction of market price. Why UK government are so kind to their people?

We asked our friend Peggy who has got a water meter installed, she also has three people, she said it's cheaper to choose a meter, much smaller bills, and to install meter is free.

So, we got a meter fitted, and now it's start counting. From now on I have to be more careful, and remember to turn off water tap, and flush the toilet no more than necessary. My daughter likes to play with water tap, now she can't let the tap water flowing for one hour.

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